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Activity: Other service activities n.e.c
Country: Jordan
Address: Masaken Building 156-office 505- Al Madina Al Munawara Str.
Phone: +962 6 5777710
Fax: +96265503650
Mobile: + 962 6 5503650
Contact: Mr Issa Haidar Murad
Posted: 09/07/2020
Description: Jordan Exports plays a leading role in advocating export-friendly policies


LABORATORIES Agro-Food Development Center & Laboratories at Saida Chamber   About AFDL   The Agro-Food Development Center & Labs (AFDL) was established in 2007 with the support of United State Agency for International Development (USAID). The Center and laborato...


Market Info

One of the major elements to gaining competitive edge in our recent time is the access to information that is needed to make sound strategic decisions, the speed by which these information can be obtained, the way this information is perceived and the accuracy and reliability of the available information. In this d...


Membership Guide

  I -The CCIAS Membership Guide Formalities for opening all types of Business Enterprises (Nationals & Foreigners) A - The following documents should be attached to CCIAS membership form: A legal commercial circular including the signatures of people responsible for management, who can sign for ...