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Entrepreneurship Development


Enterprise Development & Investment Promotion Program:


The Program


Entrepreneurs are not only born but can be identified, trained and developed too.
Setting up ones business calls for certain competencies. Those who have an aptitude to be successful entrepreneurs can be assisted in streng...

Locate Companies

The member database is your guide to Southern companies and their products. It is an easy way to find the companies and their products which interest you.

What you find in the Member’s Database is information about the company - such as name, address, phone, fax, e-mail, contact person, business activity etc. The search form allows dynamic searching of database from the website and printing of requested information

Event Hosting

Members wishing to promote their products or services and gain new business contacts are invited to host their events at the chamber’s venues.

You’ll have the opportunity to captivate the interest of a group of business people in a short presentation about your business. This is an efficient and effective way to open fresh leads and build your database.

The Chamber will co-ordinate and market the event...

Economic Affairs Magazine

Al Shoun Al Iktissadiya is the official economic publication of the chamber. This quarterly magazine is widely distributed to members, ministries, economic organizations, foreign embassies, Arab and foreign chambers of commerce.

The Chamber’s Publication includes event announcements, business articles, trade information on economic sectors and changes to regulation and legislation which could affect businesses in both Lebanon and...

Statistics & Research

Statistics and Analytical Studies department mainly collects, analyzes, and publishes the data at the Chamber. This department also provides the rules and conditions for product exportation from Lebanon and certifies their origins no matter to which field they belong. Only advanced software and programs are used in this department to make sure that all future correlated utilize will be routing in the good direction.


In its continuous efforts to support start-up businesses and entrepreneurs, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Saida and South Lebanon has re-activated the South Business Innovation Center (SouthBIC).


SouthBIC offers intensive incubation services to both start-ups and existing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the centre have exhibition facilities through its newly established Business Exhibitions...

Barcode Services

Barcode Services

The liaison office at Public Relation and Business Service Department helps members to transact application process at GS1 Lebanon, thus freeing the member from the burden of following up his request. This regional service limits members’ concern to depositing their request at the Liaison office and receiving them completed.

The office also provides advice and information ab...


LABORATORIES Agro-Food Development Center & Laboratories at Saida Chamber   About AFDL   The Agro-Food Development Center & Labs (AFDL) was established in 2007 with the support of United State Agency for International Development (USAID). The Center and laborato...


Market Info

One of the major elements to gaining competitive edge in our recent time is the access to information that is needed to make sound strategic decisions, the speed by which these information can be obtained, the way this information is perceived and the accuracy and reliability of the available information. In this d...


Membership Guide

  I -The CCIAS Membership Guide Formalities for opening all types of Business Enterprises (Nationals & Foreigners) A - The following documents should be attached to CCIAS membership form: A legal commercial circular including the signatures of people responsible for management, who can sign for ...