Entrepreneurship Development



Enterprise Development & Investment Promotion Program:


The Program


Entrepreneurs are not only born but can be identified, trained and developed too.
Setting up ones business calls for certain competencies. Those who have an aptitude to be successful entrepreneurs can be assisted in strengthening the requisite competencies. With this philosophy, the program designed to suit Lebanon’s conditions aimed at helping potential entrepreneurs translate their ideas into commercial ventures in manufacturing / service sectors. Help will be by way of formal training on various aspect of enterprise building starting from identification of business opportunities, developing business plans, strengthening entrepreneurial competencies and acquiring skill in managing a small venture. The participants will also receive counseling / advisory services to facilitate project implementation.


Who Should Attend?


All those who possess the desire to set-up their own small enterprise in Lebanon.
We also welcome university graduates and those currently employed but aspiring to establish their own businesses. 




All those who regularly attend the program will stand to derive the following benefits:

  • Clarity about their business idea
  • Necessary skills in preparing a business plan
  • Assistance by ways of counseling to prepare a business plan
  • Opportunity to sharpen entrepreneurial competencies that contribute to the top performance
  • Understanding of the intricacies of managing a small enterprise



With the ultimate objective of assisting potential entrepreneurs to set up their enterprises, the program has been designed to cover the following:

  • Setting up a small enterprise in Lebanon Rules, procedures and formalities whom to contact for what nature and extent of assistance available from various institutions.
  • Business opportunity Identification: How to identify business opportunity, how to screen them, to firm up a business idea for further exploration.
  • Market Assessment: How to access the market potential, guidance in carrying out field work for market assessment for the proposed products / services.
  • Entrepreneurial Competencies
  • Business Plan: Skills in preparing a business plan and assistance in finalizing the same.
  • Essentials of managing a small enterprise:
  • Inputs on how to implement a project.

Subsequent to the classroom training, there is a vigorous follow-up mechanism to provide counseling with the ultimate objective of facilitating project implementation and identifying the right technology which would lead to developing partnerships with foreign investors.




The program will be conducted by experts form ARCEIT with support of well-qualified trainers from the Arab Open University and experts from UNIDO.

Expectations from Participants


The participant must:

  • Be in a position to devote necessary time to attend the training and counseling sessions regularly.
  • Be committed to setting up of their own enterprises.

EDIP Registeration

We accept applications for the EDIP Program online at our website -à EDIP Registration à Lebanon.

The direct link to Lebanon EDIP Application form can be found here


How can I subscribe or use the facility?


For more information ,you are welcome to visit us at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Saida and the South, or call us on either of the following contact numbers:
Telephone: +961 7 720 123    ext. 141 
Contact Person: Hala Hamdan EDIP Business Counselor Saida & South Region
e-mail: Send E-mail




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