In a steadfast commitment to foster entrepreneurial growth and support emerging businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture in Saida and South Lebanon proudly announces the revival of the South Business Innovation Center (SouthBIC).

SouthBIC offers comprehensive incubation services tailored to meet the needs of both startups and established Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Our newly established Business Exhibitions Center (BEC) provides state-of-the-art exhibition facilities, further enriching the support ecosystem.

We provide physical incubation services, wherein companies benefit from intensive support and access to a diverse range of facilities within SouthBIC premises. Additionally, our remote incubation services extend our support to companies unable to physically reside at SouthBIC. Through remote incubation, companies receive ongoing guidance and support, leveraging SouthBIC's extensive service portfolio and facilities as needed.

By leveraging both approaches, SouthBIC empowers enterprises with a suite of services aimed at enhancing competitiveness and fostering sustainable growth.

Conveniently located within the Chamber of Commerce Building in Saida, SouthBIC also extends its reach with outreach locations in Nabatiyeh and Tyre. Our main facility in Saida features an industrial incubation facility tailored for companies in industrial sectors, alongside a dynamic concept desk space catering to entrepreneurship and startups, as well as established businesses. Additionally, we offer conference and exhibition facilities to facilitate networking and collaboration.

The Program:

Entrepreneurial skills are not solely innate; they can be cultivated, nurtured, and honed. Establishing one's own business requires a specific set of competencies, and those with the potential to thrive as entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from tailored guidance and training. With this ethos in mind, our program, customized to suit Lebanon's unique context, is dedicated to assisting aspiring entrepreneurs in transforming their ideas into viable commercial ventures in both manufacturing and service sectors. Our comprehensive support encompasses formal training covering various aspects of enterprise development, ranging from identifying business opportunities to crafting robust business plans, enhancing entrepreneurial competencies, and mastering the art of managing a small enterprise. Participants will also receive personalized counseling and advisory services to facilitate smooth project implementation.

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for individuals who harbor the ambition of establishing their own small enterprise in Lebanon. We extend a warm welcome to university graduates and employed individuals aspiring to embark on entrepreneurial journeys.


Participants who actively engage in the program will reap the following rewards:

  • Clarity regarding their business concepts
  • Proficiency in crafting business plans
  • Guidance and counseling support for business plan preparation
  • Opportunities to refine entrepreneurial skills conducive to optimal performance
  • Insights into the nuances of small enterprise management


With the overarching goal of empowering potential entrepreneurs to realize their enterprise dreams, our program encompasses the following key areas:

  • Understanding the process of establishing a small enterprise in Lebanon, including pertinent rules, procedures, and formalities, along with guidance on accessing assistance from relevant institutions
  • Business opportunity identification, screening, and refinement to crystallize viable business ideas
  • Market assessment techniques and fieldwork guidance to gauge market potential for proposed products/services
  • Development of entrepreneurial competencies essential for business success
  • Acquisition of skills in preparing and finalizing robust business plans
  • Fundamentals of small enterprise management, including project implementation strategies


Our program is led by experts from ARCEIT, supported by qualified trainers from the Arab Open University and specialists from UNIDO.

Expectations from Participants:

Participants are expected to:

  • Dedicate sufficient time to attend training and counseling sessions regularly
  • Demonstrate commitment to realizing their entrepreneurial aspirations

EDIP Registration:

Applications for the EDIP Program can be submitted online via our website. Visit, navigate to EDIP Registration, and select Lebanon. Alternatively, access the Lebanon EDIP Application form directly at

How Can I Subscribe or Use the Facility?

For further inquiries, we encourage you to visit us at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture in Saida and the South or contact us at the following number:

Contact Person: Hala Hamdan, EDIP Business Counselor, Saida & South Region:

  +961 7 720 123 ext. 141