News Workshops
The Real situation of the Industry Sector in Lebanon: Problems & Solutions

The Chamber participated in a symposium on the reality of industry in Lebanon, and presented problems and solutions at the Scientific Center for Manufacturing and Production


Participation of the Sidon Chamber of Commerce in Beirut Port Discussion: Lebanon Port Sector Reform, Recovery, and Development

The Sidon Chamber of Commerce is participating in discussions on "Lebanon Port Sector Reform, Recovery, and Development" organized by Beirut Urban Lab, IFI, ACA, and the World Bank. This initiative addresses post-explosion challenges and aims to rebuild the port and improve governance. The Chamber is committed to supporting Lebanon's sustainable development.

From 25-06-2024 To 27-06-2024

Project Management Workshop

Bidayat for Charity and Development, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture in Sidon and the South Lebanon, concluded a series of training workshops on small business management and digital marketing.

From 01-06-2024 To 20-06-2024