The Chamber
Board Of Directors


The chamber is governed by a Board of Directors which comprises 18 members. Twelve members are elected by the General Assembly from among its members and six members are appointed by the Ministry of Economy and Trade for a four - year term.

The present Board of members consists as follows:

    Mohamed Hassan Saleh - President
    Kassem Mohamed Toufik Khalifee - Vice President
    Omar Mahmoud Dandachli - Vice President
    Samir Moustapha El Kotob- Treasurer

    Jean Youssef Azar
    Antoine Shafik Rizk
    Nabil Ahmad Fouad Zantout
    Ibrahim Ismail Tirani
    Youssef Khalil Fardoun
    Haitham Habib Jouwaidi
    Mohamed Abdel Rahman El Ansari
    Imad El dine Kasir
    Ali Hussein Tabaja
    Jamal Mohamed Jouni
    Adib Ibrahim El Sabbagh
    Omar Hassan El Halabi
    Sami Ezzeddine
    Kamel Abdel Latif Shreith

    To achieve its mission appropriately, eight committees were formulated from among the Board Members. These committees pertain to:

  1.  Labor and Social Affair's Committee
            Adib Sabbagh (President)
            Antoine Rizk (Appointed)
            Kamel Shreith
            Omar Halabi
  2. Finance & Economic Affairs' Committee
            Omar Halabi (President)
            Ibrahim Tirani (Appointed)
            Jamal Jouni
            Jean Azar
  3. Members Committee
            Youssef Faradoun (President)
            Omar Halabi (Appointed)
            Adib Sabbagh
            Antoine Rizk
  4. Information, Fairs & Public Relation Committee
            Imad Kasir (President)
            Haitham Jouwaidi (Appointed)
            Jamal Jouni
            Ibrahim Tirani
  5. Industrial & Trade Committee
            Jamal Jouni (President)
            Haitham Jouwaidi (Appointed)
            Mohamed Ansari
  6. Agriculture & Environment Committee
            Sami Ezzeddine (President)
            Youssef Faradoun (Appointed)
            Nabil Zantout
  7. Commerce Committee
            Antoine Rizk (President)
            Youssef Faradoun (Appointed)
            Ali Tabaja
            Kamel Shreith
  8. Planning, Studies & Associates Committee
            Mohamed Ansari (President)
            Imad Kasir (Appointed)
            Nabil Zantout
            Kamel Shreith


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